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Hey, I’m Jake and my mission is to create economic drivers that influence social impact through music and entrepreneurship.


I do this through three primary avenues:

🌿Management/Public Affairs Consulting in the sustainability and media space (JUPA, Synergy Automation)

🚜 Entrepreneur—  Soliloquy Consulting
🎵Recording artist (Capitol Studios in LA—upcoming project theJ.U.M.P.)

Book a call if you want to work with me regarding your operations and public affairs projects.

Former Experience/Bio👇

In my past, I've organized local, state, and federal political campaigns. Now I organize campaigns for business.

✔️National Field Director for a Presidential Campaign
✔️Over $100M worth of projects directly deployed and managed
✔️Former U.S. Senate Aide

My family has been a family of risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers since immigrating from Westphalia four generations ago. Each generation has built on the fruits of the one preceding. I am proud to carry on this incredible tradition.

Mountain Enthusiast during my free time. Communicator, Deal-Maker, and Writer. Life is a continuous exploration. Let's explore how we can work together.

Working with passion for a purpose.

IG: @jakeuofficial 
T: @jake_uhlenkott

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