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"Idaho-native/CA-based Jake Uhlenkott makes his recording debut with an energetic yet deep album. Beautiful"

- every person in the world

"Jake is finally making it happen!!!!!!!!!!!"

- 16 year-old Jake

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by and for all the support and encouragement you've given me. It's truly humbling.

I get asked all the time about why I went with the name "theJUMP" Well, besides being an energetic acronym, it has a lot of meaning for me personally. 

We have these points in our lives where we have the choice to take a leap, or settle. To become better, or to wallow. 

Music for me was the jump I had always been afraid to take. I grew up on a farm in North-Central Idaho. I knew nothing about the music industry. I knew nothing about recording. 

All I knew was the I loved music. I always had. It was that thing that was with me through all of the dark times, the happy times, and the powerful moments.